The purchase of 57 Upper Chorlton Road was achieved using the savings paypal_logofrom the Gurdwara and interest free loans given by the Gurdwara’ members.  We would like to thank the Sewa (voluntary work) by:

  1. Gurdwara Building Board, members of the Gurdwara Sahib
  2. Amar Singh Egan, Chief Architect,
  3. Santokh Singh Sound, Structural Engineer,
  4. Kuldip Singh Sera, Mechanical Engineer.

Between the three they have taken our ideas and created them into a realistic visualisation that we can see around the Gurdwara and on the images on this site.

The task of building the Gurdwara was handed to: Peter Brennam, Project Manager and Neil Clare, NEMAC Fabrications, who met all our challenging demands to deliver within our financial budget.

Manchester City Council and Trafford Borough Council played a key role in supporting the Project and advising our Building Team from developing the plans, approval to completion of build, within the agreed timescales.

The major work started on the 15th of August 2009, which coincides with India’s Day of Independence, to laying the first foundations and we’d like to invite them to assist us from now until the building is complete, in advising and discussing future deliverable projects from our new premises.

The total cost for the site purchase, building works and technical assistance is £2 million; we purchased the site for £320,000 and secured expertise in kind equaling £22,000. The major building work was estimated at £1.3 million,  the Gurdwara had a reserve of £400,000. Additionally we started our fundraising exercise which included Grants, however had a shortfall amount of £900,000, which was loans taken from Lloyds Bank.

All Donations and Sewa can be made directly to the Gurdwara Sahib Ji or via our secure online PayPal account