The Gurdwara History

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara was formed in 1961 with only few members mainly resident in the Hulme are of Manchester. The group bought a house 35 Rosamund Street, Chorlton-on Medlock Manchester.

Which they converted into a Sikh Temple, as the congregation began to expand and also due to the redevelopment of the area in 1971/72 the Manchester city council reallocated the Gurdwara to Upper Brook Street above the shops in 1972. The next three years were spent in this make-shift building.

Because of Hulme area being under development, members of the Gurdwara dispersed into different areas of the city. Most of them moved into old Trafford, where they sought another suitable building for the Gurdwara Sahib. In the year 1975 as this accommodation was only temporally the members decided to find more suitable premises nearer home at 61 Upper Chorlton Road Whalley Range Manchester.  Which was converted with a massive extension to accommodate the growing congregation?

After 27 years, in November 2003 an opportunity arose to purchase a large building at the cost of £320.000.  In February 2003 the building board was formed to undertake a five year   exploration project for a purpose built Gurdwara Sahib and education and cultural centre. Based on a comprehensive consultation with the Sangat, current and future needs were identified to cater for the growing demands of the Sikh religion and culture. Above all education of younger generation of Sikh children was an utmost important.

On 15th August 2010 India’s Independence Day foundation stone of the new building was laid with a large gathering of Sikhs from all parts of Manchester and surrounding towns gathered to mark the ceremony to begin a 2 million pound project of purpose built Gurdwara Sahib.

Raising the fund this Sewa, was undertaken unreservedly through the generosity of the Sikh Sangat who donated open heartedly and raised £1.100.000. The shortfall of £800.000 was secured through a loan from the Lloyds TSB Bank.

The opening ceremony of the new build Gurdwara Sahib was held on the 11th November 2011 again with a large gathering of Sikh Sangat from all cities of the UK Sangat came to join in the celebration. A short religious procession (Nagar Keertan) took place and during that procession a two minute silence was observed in respect of the twin tower victims.

The opening day was marked with honouring people with a “Siropa” a short length of saffron coloured cloth, is presented to the people who have given their abnegating service to the project. Building contractor, the architect, structural engineers, electricians, and the people who played a vital part in making this a exceptional project into realty and making Sikhs of Manchester very proud.