Keertan Classes

Gurbani Keertan is an important part of Sikh life. Hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji are recited with the musical instruments harmonium and tabla. Music melody soothes the inner souls especially when Gods hymns (gurshabad) are recited in their ragas entirety.

Classes – Times

  1. Religious Music Class Monday –  7pm till 8pm Tabla and Harmonium
  2. Keertan Class Wednesday 6.30pm – 8pm
  3. Gurbani Santhia & Rehraas Sahib Ji. Thursday 5pm – 7pm

These classes have been running since 1980, since then many children have gained GCSE in Punjabi language and have progressed to doing keertan in the Gurdwara Sahib and take part in gurmat camps. Aim of the Gurdwara Sahib is to provide education in fun and enjoyable way for children to learn, speak, read and write in Punjabi. So that they can fully enhance the spiritual teaching of Sikh Gurus the volunteer teachers are vetted and CRB approved.

Gurmat Camp

Each year a three day Gurmat camp are organized by different Gurdwara’s in Manchester in  for the increment of Sikhism. In these three days of the camp, children are divided in groups according to their age and are assigned to a volunteer Sewadar for the duration of the camp.

Each group participate in various activities such as workshops, lectures, simran and Keertan. On the last day of the Gurmat camp all the children are presented with certificates of attendance. The gurmat camp ends with all the children taking part in performing keertan, the camp ends with honouring all the sewadars who have given their valuable Sewa in preparing Langar for the Sangat.

School/ College Visits

Along with these ongoing programmes the Gurdwara Sahib accommodates educational visits from schools, college’s Universities and other interested institutions as per request; the Gurdwara Sahib provides excellent tutorial presentation on Sikhism for the benefit of visitors.

The main day for visits is Wednesday, when volunteer tutors are available for attending the classes. Booking are taken by contacting the Gurdwara General Secretary by phone or e-mail. Gurdwara Sahib provides refreshments; if langar is required prior request is needed.