On each first day of the Indian month, Diwan is held in the Gurdwara Sahib to celebrate the new in coming month

 Programme for Sangrandh 2016

Sukhmani Sahib Path at 10.30 till 11.45am Bara-Maha Path 11.45 till 12 Ardas – Parshad

January 14th Thursday – 1st Magh

February 13th Saturday -1st Falgun

March 14th Monday -1st Cheter

April 13th Wednesday – 1st Vaisakh

May 14th Saturday – 1st Jedh

June 14th Tuesday – 1st Harr

July 16th Saturday – 1st Sawan

August 16th Tuesday – 1st Bahdrou

September 16th Friday – 1st Asu

October 16th Sunday – 1st Katak

November 15th Tuesday – 1st Magher

December 15th Thursday – Poh

Last Sunday of each month the Gurdwara Sahib dedicates this Sunday to Baba Buddha Ji, and celebrate it with Langar especially for the occasion all Sangat are invited to attend with their families







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